Film by Hajooj Kuka. "A Kasha" celebrated its world premiere at Venice Critics Week and Toronto International Film Festival 2018

Year  2018

Length: 78 min

Format:   1:1, 85

Country of production  GER, SDN, QAT, ZAF

Intro | Synopsis

Adnan is a Sudanese revolutionary who is considered a war hero. His love for his AK47 rifle is equalled only by his feelings for Lina, his long-suffering sweetheart. When Adnan is late to return to his military unit after his leave, army commander Blues launches a kasha: the rounding up and arresting of truant soldiers. Adnan is caught-off guard and makes a run for it with pacifist Absi. The two unlikely friends plot ways to reunite Adnan with his gun – and with Lina – while avoiding their fellow soldiers. Through a series of wry and humorous incidents over 24 hours, we explore life and ideology in rebel-held areas of Sudan.


Refugee Club and Big World Cinema Present a Hajooj Kuka Film, in co-production with Komplizen Film, supported by Doha Film Institute, Berlinale World Cinema Fund, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.



Ekram Marcus


Kamal Ramadan


Ganja Chakado


Abdallah Alnur


Written and directed by

Hajooj Kuka

Directors of Photography  

Giovanni P. Autran

Hajooj Kuka


Hajooj Kuka

Original Score

Nancy Mounir

Associate Producer

Ephrem Kossaify

Ryan Kuku Boyette


Tamsin Ranger (Big World Cinema)

Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach, Maren Ade (Komplizen Film)

Trevor Snapp


Hajooj Kuka

Steven Markovitz


Venice International Film Festival, Critics Week

Toronto International Film Festival

BFI London Film Festival

Arabisches Filmfestival

Cape Town International Film Market & Festival

Africa In Motion Film Festival

AFI Fest

Film Africa

Joburg Film Festival

Around the World in 14 Films

Marrakech International Film Festival